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It is really obvious that wanting to live healthy and actually living healthy are two different things. This means that a huge step is needed from planning to actual executing. Healthy lifestyle requires much more than just planning, exercises have to be done, diets applied and supplements used. To do all that, a lot of determination, time and some money are needed.

Making a healthy organism

Losing weight is just one of the steps required usually in a number of cases. When the health finally comes, it is our job to prevent it from leaving, which might happen if we slip to old habits again. This is why measures taken have to be applied each and every day, as long as possible. Why is that even important? Well, when the old age comes, if the body is still healthy, quality of life will be at a very high level. This might not seem important if a person is in its thirties, and even forties, but starting from fifties, some chronic medical conditions might occur and they might have been avoided if there had been some caution earlier in life.

Anti oxidants

It is not easy maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Having a balanced diet means much more than just controlling the weight. Balanced menu will ensure that the organism has all needed nutrients, including the correct ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Not only the proportion should be exact, but also the quality of those nutrients has to be the highest possible. Besides the mention nutrients, there are also some supplements that should be used and those must be natural, so we are talking about herbs and herbal products. Of course, the most popular herbal product is tea. Green tea is one of the most popular because of its benefits. The main positive effect is the elimination of free radicals in the organism, which is done with the help of anti oxidants that can be found in green tea and many other teas too. Anti oxidants are simply adding one electron into the structure of free radical and it is then turned into a harmless molecule, thus preventing that particular free radical molecule from turning another molecule in the organism into a free radical. Free radicals are extremely dangerous because their accumulation can cause a lot of medical problems (cancer being one of the most dangerous). But, even though green tea should be harmless, it might not be recommended to drink it in big amounts each and every day.

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