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One should always consult a medical professional before using any herbal supplements.

Damiana is most commonly used as an aphrodisiac and is also used to treat headaches as well as control bed wetting. The FDA has not evaluated it for purity, effectiveness and safety yet, so any potential risks and advantages are still pretty much unknown. Since there are no standards that regulate the manufacturing of damiana, there is a risk of contamination from toxic substances that may be contained in the health supplements, which one should always purchase from reliable sources.

There are various reasons why a person should always consult a doctor before taking damiana. Persons who take medicines that are used for diabetes treatment and the control of sugar levels in the blood should be careful. People with a history of breast cancer, those with psychiatric disorders as well as persons who suffer from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease should also take extra care when ingesting damiana. All of the aforementioned conditions can lead to dangerous situations if one takes damiana without consulting a doctor first.

Persons who have allergic reactions to plants, have some serious medical conditions, or are being treated with some other medications and herbal supplements, should be very careful because there are situations where damiana is not really recommended. Pregnant or soon to be pregnant women as well as breast-feeding women should not take damiana as it is unknown whether it will harm the baby and the breast milk.

If one chooses to take damiana, directions on the package or the ones provided by the doctor or pharmacist should be strictly followed. A more reliable dose of the product can be provided by standardized extracts and solid formulations of the supplement. Damiana pills need to be taken with a full glass of water. If it has been taken in a liquid form, correct doses must be measured by means of a dropper or dose-measuring spoon. There are also forms of damiana that can be brewed as a tea.

Combining different formulations of damiana at the same time is very dangerous and it can lead to an overdose. It should always be protected from light and otherwise stored as the directions on the package imply. Symptoms of a damiana overdose a largely unknown and one should seek immediate medical attention if it occurs.

The only serious side effects of damiana known at the moment are various allergic reactions including swelling and difficulty breathing.

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