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When it comes to health, there are many things that need tobe done in order to maintain it, which means that only eating properly and exercising might not beenough, unfortunately. There are some medical issues that are not affected byphysical condition of the body. Those are usually psychological issues thatcome in many forms.


Natural supplements have to be used in order to maintainhealth status of the organism and also to alleviate certain symptoms andconditions. It would be better if those supplements were natural, if possible,but if those cannot help, medicament and other treatments need to be used. Also,it should be said that different parts of the world have different approach to the sameconditions, at least when it comes to natural remedies. Actually, it can besaid that regarding natural supplements, people use what is available in theirnatural surroundings and environment.

Most popular herbal product is tea, which is spread all overthe world, in the form of hundreds of different brands. Usually, all the teasuse leaves of plants, but there are also other parts of plants that mightbe very effective and helpful. For example, kava kava root is one of the mostlyused remedies for anxiety and insomnia in South Pacific area.

Kava kava’s main role is sedation. But the consumer needs tobe careful, because intoxication might happen, especially if a large amount ofkava kava is used. Kavalactones are the basic elements of kava kava, which are responsiblefor the mentioned role. When it comes to chemical reaction related to kava kava,it can be said that certain neurotransmitters are affected by this herb,especially GABA, dopamine and norepinephrine.

Even though kava kava is commonly used in South Pacificarea, there are some kava kava side effects that people should be carefulabout. Intoxication is already mentioned, and it can lead to some other medicalconditions, such as hepatitis and cirrhosis. This is why some countries have put kava kava on a forbidden list. Some other side effects are rash, headache, respiratoryproblems, muscle function issues etc. Hypotension might occur, as well asintestinal problems. It is highly recommended to avoid using kava kava with someother medications or with alcohol, which especially goes for those people who never used kava kava before. In such cases, the complications might become serious. It is obvious that there are many herbs that up to somepoint help people, but caution has to be considered.

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