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Training for running on the long tracks, such as marathon for example, requires a lot of hours spent on the workout and thus, a lot of energy and stamina. Such trainings cause a great deal of exhaustion, and, in order to sustain several months of the everyday training sessions such as these, it is recommendable to add some beneficial enhancers into the already carefully planned dietary regime. So, there are already a lot of the well-known supplements made especially for this purpose on the market, and the most debated nowadays are the ones based on the substance called creatine.

What is creatine?

This chemical is, actually, one of the integral parts of our muscles and it has an important role in increasing the mass of the muscles, and in encouraging the basic functions of them. But, beside the strengthening and empowerment, the muscles gain the endurance which is essential for this sport. So, it is actually the process of adding more of the creatine to our bodies as the source for the energy that is needed at the moments of the replenishment during one training session, which happens at every few seconds. Under the normal conditions, the body itself replenishes the amount of the energy by making more of the chemical adenosine triphosphate, but, when training for the distance running, there is no time for the moments of the rest.

How does it help?Actually, a lot of researches has shown none connection between the increased intake of creatine and the increased endurance of the long distance runners, whatsoever. That is, the energy which enables the endurance is the one that comes from the use of the products of the process that involves the usage of the oxygen and the conversion of the fats and carbohydrates into the pure energy fuel.

So, the use of the creatine is somewhat indirectly involved into this story. Its main function is of the preservation of the water in the organism and thus it prevents the dehydration. Besides that, the creatine is designed for the sportsmen who must train more forcefully, such as the sprinters, for example. And, the key to becoming a successful long track runner is to improve all the types of the running techniques. For example, the criteria and interval trainings are also the part of the training program for those who prepare themselves for a marathon.

All in all, this chemical reduces the acidity of the blood, which is one of the most common causes of the exhaustion, as well.

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