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Runners always strive to achieve more. For them, every race is a chance to set a new personal record. Hard training and nutrition are necessary but after some time, it won’t be enough. To go further, you need to take some supplements. There are a lot of supplements designed especially for runners, and they all provide better training and achieved results.

The best of the supplements are designed to give you energy when you need it and help you rest properly, after some hard practice.


NO-XPLODE and Endurance Fuel are recommended supplements. They are said to boost your energy level and help train longer. These supplements can be used both before and while running.

NO-XPLODE contains creatine and it is recommended for increase of energy, less tiredness and better focus during the race. It will also bring more blood to your muscles while running. The adverse effects of this supplement include headache, high blood pressure and sometimes sexual problems, irritability and diarrhea.

Endurance Fuel

Endurance Fuel or Ultra Fuel is rich in antioxidants, beta-alanine, carbohydrates, whey, and casein proteins. This supplement is said to protect the muscles while running, ensure endurance and help muscles recover after a strenuous run. Endurance or Ultra Fuel is therefore good to use before, while and after the hard exercise.

Multivitamins & Proteins

Multivitamins and whey proteins are also supplements commonly recommended for endurance athletes. Athletes need more minerals and vitamins than “regular” people, and that’s when multivitamins help. It is questionable if the whey proteins really help runners. Some say that every little bit of proteins won’t hurt, especially when it is used to build new muscles. Proteins can also be used as fuel for muscles during the exercise, and they assist the recovering process after the run.

Energy Gels

Energy gels are a great way to beat the personal record, improving the race time. Some athletes use these gels every 5 miles or so, maintaining the energy level constant. Some of the most recommended energy gels are made by Gu, Hammer and Cliff. When using these gels, make sure to take enough fluids. Avoid drinks and gels that contain caffeine, because they might cause anxiety. Always try the gel before. Use it while practicing for the race, so that you would know when and how to use to achieve best results during the race.

Natural Supplements

Many athletes use natural products to help them. Fish oil, flax seeds oil and good old milk are the most recommended ones.

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