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Themajority of people have battled with the frustrating issue of acne throughouttheir teenage years and beyond. And for those whose struggle has ended, assatisfying as that may be, many of them were left with the equally annoying brownishand tan acne scars.

And whilethey are professional medical therapies to get rid of these kinds of scars,they cost a fortune and not everyone is ready or able to give that kind of the money on removing scars. Luckily, there is a much less expensive option to getrid of acne scars, which involves using skin whitening creams on a regularbasis. There are many options for bleaching creams to choose from, so peoplecan choose what sounds most appealing to them and what’s most suitable fortheir skin.

Using mildbleaching creams to get rid of acne scars

The keyingredient in bleaching creams that works on getting rid of acne scars is theso-called hydroquinone, which is a kind of white crystalline compound that’sused as both an antioxidant and a stabilizer.

Nowadays, thereare all sorts and brands of skin bleaching creams available to buy. However, itshould be duly noted that every one of these creams that’s available to buy inpharmacies with no prescription contains only 2% of hydroquinone. This isbecause a greater amount of this substance can be harmful and too intense forthe skin, and that’s why it’s illegal in bigger quantities. If one should feellike their bleaching cream is not strong enough, it is highly advised toconsult a doctor and get a prescription, rather than just finding a way to buyit in a pharmacy without being aware of the possible consequences.

Usingprescription skin bleaching creams to get rid of acne scars

In order toget a prescription for a cream to bleach the acne scars, one must first consulta dermatologist. Should the doctor approve the patient’s skin to be able tohandle a higher level of hydroquinone, the patient will get a prescription fora skin bleaching cream with double amount of hydroquinone. Even though their contentof hydroquinone is higher, the prescribed bleaching creams actually take alonger time to work than the regular ones, but they are also significantly moreeffective. Sometimes the bleaching cream is combined with a chemical peel inorder to obtain the best results possible.

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