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The majority of expectant mothers will have some food cravings during pregnancy. Sweet and sugary foods constitute the most popular cravings, but other women will find that they simply can't stay away from certain hearty snacks. In what stage of pregnancy do cravings usually show up? What are the most common cravings? And most important of all, why are you having food cravings while you are expecting a baby?

Scientists have been working to find the cause of food cravings in pregnancy for decades, but unfortunately, no evidence has been found as to what might be behind these cravings yet. Still, there are many theories surrounding this universally recognized pregnancy phenomenon. Perhaps the most popular theory is that cravings could be caused by hidden nutritional deficiencies. In other words, your body is in need of something, and your brain somehow acknowledges that and you experience a craving. Sometimes, cravings are simply a reflection of the fact that you need a few more calories while you have luggage on board!

Whatever might be the reason you are having cravings, it is clear that they are an integral part of expecting for a lot of moms to be. As long as you are not limiting yourself to the foods you are craving and are eating a healthy diet, there is no evidence that there is any harm in giving in to your cravings. Sugar cravings during pregnancy are the most common, especially chocolate and ice cream. Tons of women also find themselves thinking about a nice steak or other red meat, and fruit cravings are common too. If you are experiencing ice cravings, or cravings for other things that are strictly speaking non-food items, you should exercise more caution. Craving things that are not edible is known as pica, and can be dangerous. For more information about pregnancy signs, we made a list that includes every possible pregnancy symptom for you!

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