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Foods cravings are totally normal during pregnancy most women get them. But craving non-food items is also not unusual while you are expecting a baby. This is known as pica, and refers to craving things like sand, sponge, or candles. Craving ice cubes has got to fall somewhere in between those two categories. It is neither your usual food craving nor real pica, because ice is arguably a food item, and certainly not something toxic. Ice cravings pop up quite frequently. Are you one of the women who crave ice cubes? If you have been craving ice cubes, and are reading this right now, I presume that you are curious whether it is OK to give in to your ice cravings, or whether you should refrain from consuming ice cubes. I say, go for it if you want ice cubes, but do so in moderation. Ice cubes do not do any harm to your body, but if you eat them in large quantities, they could be had for your teeth, which are already more vulnerable in pregnancy. You should also make sure that ice cubes do not replace your regular meals.

Sorry, I know you are not stupid, but I do have a fondness for stating the obvious. One interesting fact is that many women who crave ice cubes subsequently find out that they have an iron deficiency. This is not a comment based on studies or science, just something I observed from reading the accounts of women craving ice cubes on the web. Regardless, getting yourself checked for iron levels is a good idea in any case, so you might want to do that. Some women who craved ice cubes noticed how that craving completely went away after starting iron supplements. Have you had a craving for ice cubes? How much ice do you find yourself eating? What are your other cravings? We'd love to hear from you!

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