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Welcome to pregnancy. Pickled gherkins, anyone? Cravings in pregnancy are somewhat of a rite of passage, aren't they? Lots of women get cravings for particular foods while they are expecting a baby. One common theory is that pregnancy cravings can be an indication of what nutritional sources you are lacking, and that they are your body's attempt to make up for this. What are the most common cravings during pregnancy?

We've already discussed sugar cravings earlier. Sugar is not an essential part of anyone's diet, so this one is best approached with caution. Still, indulging in sugary foods once in a while is fine. Chocolate, ice cream, and milk shakes also contain a lot of sugar but fall into another group of pregnancy cravings too dairy products are craved by lots of women, presumably because of the calcium. Some sources will tell you that meat is in fact the number one thing that pregnant women crave. I am a vegetarian myself, so I would not have any ideas about that, but I do know all about craving cheese, fruit yoghurts, and even milk.

Craving pickles is less common, despite what you see on television and in many (silly) films. Craving strange combinations of foods is something that might happen to you, and you might even shock yourself with your weird cravings. Think strawberries and cheese, mashed potatoes with pudding, and that kind of thing. As long as you are not craving non-food items (which does happen quite often), you should be just fine, and there is no harm in going along with your cravings. While cravings are perfectly normal and can even be fun, it is also essential to make sure to keep an eye on your diet and to consume foods from all the major food groups. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is a great gift to yourself and your baby.

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