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Here wewill reveal some facts about the health benefits of foods that containa lot of fibers. In healthy dieting, fibers are inevitable nutrients because oftheir health properties. Fibers are actually special parts found in plantsthat cannot be digested; they areresponsible for having regular stool and not only for that, but also for properfunctioning of the whole digestive tract. Fibers can help you lose weightbecause by eating them, you will feel the sensation of fullness in your belly faster. Women who are expecting a baby shouldoften eat foods that contain fibers.

Why is itso important to eat food that contains fibers in pregnancy?

Women whoare expecting a baby must eat foods that are healthy and that have all the necessarycomponents inside, so that both she and the baby could get enough nutrients. Among these healthy foods are fibers, because they have various health benefits. As we have said earlier, fibers are promotingregular defecation, which is good for pregnant women, because they are morevulnerable to problems with bowel movements, such as irritable bowel syndrome, difficultevacuation of the bowels and hemorrhoids. When a woman suffers from constipation for alonger period of time, she will probably develop hemorrhoids later. That is whyshe must take enough fibers to stop these problems and prevent development ofnew ones. Other important thing with fibers is that they can prevent obesityin pregnant women. They are also good for decreasing the chances for developingdiabetes and for preventing problems with blood pressure during the pregnancyperiod.

Food thatis rich in fibers

In general,we distinguish two kinds of fibers, one that are soluble and other insoluble.The first one is good for evacuating fatty stuff out of our organism and theother is helpful in evacuating bowels. Soluble fibers that are found in fruits, while vegetables are rich in insoluble fibers. Here we will list foods that contain alot of fibers and that should be eaten during pregnancy. Grains that contain it are whole grain,oats, corn, wheat, integral rice, integral bread, popcorn etc. Fruits that arerich in fibers are avocado, guava, apricots, different kinds ofberries, apples, plums and oranges, while vegetables that contain fibers are broccoli, spinach, cabbage, cucumber, peas, beans, sesame seeds, etc.

You caneasily find these fruits and vegetables in every store and use them each day.That is why it is not difficult to enter enough fibers in your body. Besides,it will not only help you, but it will help your baby as well.

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