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In the first trimester of pregnancy, keeping foods down can be a struggle. Most women have some morning sickness, and extreme fatigue and low energy are other very common early pregnancy symptoms. You know how they that a good breakfast sets you up for the day? Well, that's true if you manage to keep it down, that is! What are the best early pregnancy breakfasts that will boost your energy, and hopefully reduce your feelings of nausea? These are some ideas for you to experiment with.

1) Dry crackers and fizzy water. Dry crackers first thing in the morning are often recommended as a remedy for morning sickness. Many women find dry crackers easy to keep down and feel that eating something as bland as them reduces their nausea. Carbonated water also works great as a nausea remedy for some.

2) Fruit salads are great for those expectant mothers who don't feel aversions to fruit. Especially bananas really help early pregnancy fatigue, because they release energy slowly throughout the morning. Other fruits contain antioxidants that are very healthy for you and your growing embryo.

3) Nice whole-grain bagels with cheese or eggs and some vegetables are a wonderful breakfast option. With a nice glass of milk or yogurt, this will give you a great combination of major food groups that will keep you healthy and energetic.

4) Oatmeal or quinoa cooked in milk, with dried cranberries and all spice is a really hearty breakfast that tastes great and is great for your health. Some pregnant ladies do better with sweet breakfasts, and this is sweet but still very good for you.

5) Pancakes are easy to prepare and can offer a lot of variety. From buckwheat pancakes with banana and cinnamon to pancakes with cheese and vegetables, these definitely have the potential to set you up for the day!

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