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Most people throughout the world like something sweet to eat from time to time. For some people, it can be a real pain and reason for frustration if they do not eat something sweet. They feel terrible when they finally give into those cravings. There are a few reasons why people crave for sugar, one of the reasons being that some people have a low adrenal function.

The Adrenals That Affect Sugar Cravings

If you look above where the kidneys are, you will find hormone glands that are called adrenals. They have a few jobs they are required to complete, one being the production and secretion of adrenaline also known as epinephrine and this is what gives us energy. As well as secreting adrenaline they also secrete something called cortisone which is used in situations when there is some sort of inflammation in the individual’s body. As well as these two important tasks, the adrenals also have another job when a woman gets close to her menopausal years which are to produce the female hormones estrogen and progesterone in replacement of the ovaries.

Problems That Can Occur with the Adrenals

If a person is under a high stress every day, this can consequently interfere with the tasks the adrenals have. What happens is that in stressful times our adrenals try to help us by producing adrenaline as if we are going into some sort of battle. Unfortunately your adrenals can’t get to grips with the difference between real live battle and an annoying boss. As mentioned earlier, the adrenals have an important job of producing cortisone to help with any inflammation. This is fine when it comes to a bump, an injury or even arthritis, but if a person has allergies then it’s a different ball game. The food allergies particularly, which cause inflammation everywhere, all of the time give the adrenals a very good work out indeed. So if this is the case then the body will be lacking in energy.

What Happens Next

If the adrenals are being over worked, then the host will be feeling a huge lack of energy as well as fatigue. They may need to take naps throughout the day to try to gain some much needed energy and they will experience immense cravings for sugar. If the sugar cravings are caused from an overgrowth of bacteria in the gut then try some licorice which can help. Aloe Vera is another recommended drink for low sugar levels.

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