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Cranberry pills side effects

Side effects caused by these pills are usually seen on the skin as allergic reactions such as hives, itchiness, rashes and also swelling of the face, lips, tongue and mouth. Chest congestion is possible as well as is shortness of breath. Cranberry pills have become very popular lately, because they contain all the nutritional and antioxidant abilities as the fruit itself. The pills have showed great results in treating some medical conditions. Apart from the antioxidants, these pills also have vitamin C, manganese, dietary fibers and minerals in them. One pill can substitute the benefits gained from drinking nine glasses of cranberry juice. Experts have proved that a person who uses these pills will treat such conditions like urinary tract infections, jock itch and chronic bladder infections. The consumption will also lessen the risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and kidney diseases. Even though they cause some side effects people still use them because there is a chance they will prevent a couple of conditions from happening.

Cranberry pills side effects

Like all other medical products and supplements, cranberry pills also bear some side effects. Cranberry pills are known to cause a couple of conditions. The first thing that can cause problems is the cranberry fruit content. There are people who are allergic to it and therefore they can not consume neither the fruit itself nor the cranberry fruit extracts which are used in the making of the pills. Another thing that can cause the side effects is the interference with some other drugs a person is using. There are certain medications that should not be used at the same time with the cranberry pills. One more thing that is known to cause some of the side effects is when a person is suffering from specific medical condition and has an allergy to specific foods and dietary supplements. However, all the side effects usually occur when a person overuses the cranberry pills.

Precautions for cranberry pills

The first thing a person should do is get to know what can cause a side effect of a cranberry pill. This especially goes for people who are allergic to cranberries. However, pregnant or breastfeeding women and women who are planning to get pregnant should get to know the side effects as well. A person who has diabetes, some kind of a liver disease or had kidney stones in the past should be aware of the side effects. People who are taking some other medications should talk to a doctor before using these pills.

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