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What exactly is drysol and what are its characteristics?

Drysol is a brand name for the medicine that contains aluminumchloride hexahydrate and which is actually antiperspirant, meaning that it is usedfor the treatment of excessive perspiration. It needs to be applied topically overnight, and in people who suffer from excessive perspiration or hyperhidrosis theareas such as palms, feet, underarms, and back are most frequently affected. Asfor the mechanism of action, drysol is supposed to change the sweat-producingcells and block the sweat glands due to the aluminum that it contains. This productis said to be 80 % effective, but it is important to mention that it should notbe used without medical supervision and the doctor needs to be the one who willsuggest its use.

Are there any side effects of drysol?

Just like with any other product, people who are allergic atleast to its one ingredient should not use this one either. This is why it is importantto check the ingredients before starting to use it. Pregnant women, as well asthose who are planning to stay pregnant and those who are breastfeeding need toinform their doctor about this in advance, and the same goes for all people whoalready use some medications, dietary supplements, or even herbal preparations.Those who are allergic to some food, medications or substances need to inform thedoctor about their allergy in advance, and all of this is required in order toavoid possible interactions and unnecessary problems.

Even though it really rarely causes unwanted effects, drysolcan cause tingling, itching or burning sensation in the area that is treated. Also,some people might be a bit more sensitive than others and thus, they are moreprone to the rash or irritation. However, all of these symptoms are onlytemporary and they do not require medical attention. On the other side, the problemsand signs that do require medical attention as soon as possible are signs thatindicate allergic reaction – itching, swelling of the face lips, tongue, hives,tightness in the chest area and problems with breathing properly. Still, it is important to know that no matter how serious these problems might seem, thefact is that cases of allergic reactions in people who use drysol are veryrare. What can also be considered a side effect, although it is not directlyrelated to the health of an individual, refers to the stains that it leaves onclothes.

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