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When to consider the use of Medrol?

Medrol is a medication that belongs to the group calledcorticosteroid hormones, and besides the fact that it can be used in thetreatment of a wide range of conditions, it can be used in order to replacecertain hormones as well. Due to its ability to decrease the response of the body’simmune system, it is used in cases of allergies in order to decrease swellingand redness, for example. Aside from this, various skin and blood disorders, problemswith breathing, arthritis, disorders of the intestines, eye diseases and evencertain cancers can be treated with this medication.

Side effects and warnings associated with the use of Medrol

First of all, it is important not to eat grapefruit or drinkgrapefruit juice as long as a person is on Medrol, because this fruit is likelyto affect the levels of this medication in your body. Also, it is equallyimportant not to stop with taking Medrol too abruptly in case a person has beenusing it for a long time. This way a possibility of aggravation of certainconditions will be avoided, as well as worsening of the symptoms such asnausea, loss of weight and weakness. Instead, the person should decrease thedose gradually.

Even though allergies can be treated with this medication,some people can be allergic to it, which is why it is necessary to check thecontent and inactive ingredients. Other measures of precaution consist ofinforming the doctor about the presence or medical history in cases of bleedingproblems, hypertension, heart problems, osteoporosis, eye disorders, kidney andliver diseases. The same goes for those who had or have problems with functioningof the thyroid gland, seizures, mental disorders and infections of any kind. Womenwho are pregnant should not use this medication unless the doctor insists, because corticosteroids are known for their potential to harm the baby andlower the levels of corticosteroid hormone in their bodies. Symptoms such asnausea, diarrhea, vomiting and weakness in newborn babies whose mothers haveused this medication for some time should be reported as soon as they arenoticed.

Side effects that the person who uses this medication mightdevelop include headache, upset stomach, dizziness, and gaining of the weight. However,unless some of these symptoms are persistent, there is no reason for concern. Onthe other side, if a person notices black stools, increased urination, irregularheartbeat, swelling of ankles, puffy face, changes in the vision and any signof infection, it is necessary to inform the doctor right away, because in somecases it is necessary to stop taking the medication.

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