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Information on Sorbitol Irrigation Solution

The sorbitol irrigation solution is commonly used for the prevention of numerous different types of infections that may occur during the surgical procedures that involve the prostate or any other part of the urinary tract.

This medication can also be used for various other medical conditions. This medication is actually a hexitol irrigant and it is very efficient in flushing out different types of debris out of the area at which the surgical procedure takes place.

It prevents different types of infections from occurring by flushing out this debris. This medication should not be used if the patient has difficulties urinating, suffers from anuria or is allergic to any of the ingredients of the sorbitol irrigation solution.

There are certain medical conditions which may interact with sorbitol irrigation solution and it is very important to inform the doctor if the patient suffers from any of those specific medical conditions. These medical conditions include pregnancy and breastfeeding. Persons who take different types of prescribed or non-prescribed medications, dietary supplements or herbal remedies should also inform the doctor.

People who are allergic to certain types of foods, medications or any other substances should inform the doctor before the use of sorbitol irrigation solution. Other important medical conditions may include acid-base imbalance, severe dehydration, diabetes, kidney problems, heart problems, and heart failure.

Sorbitol irrigation solution may also sometimes interact with certain other types of medications. There are no specific interactions that should be mentioned but still they may occur in certain rare cases.

A person should inform the doctor of any medications taken so that any interactions can be prevented from occurring before the surgical procedure takes place. Sorbitol irrigation solution usually gets administered by the professional health care provider during the surgical procedure. It should not be used if contains any type of particles or if it is discolored.

The damaged or cracked vial also suggests that it should not be used. Once the package gets opened it has to be used at once in order to prevent it from getting contaminated by different types of bacteria. Missed doses of sorbitol irrigation solution require immediate medical attention.

Side Effects of Sorbitol Irrigation Solution

This medication may affect the blood sugar levels in persons who suffer from diabetes. There are numerous lab tests that need to be done during the treatment. It should not be used in children unless necessary.

The same could be said for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Side effects of sorbitol irrigation solution may or may not include severe allergic reactions, vomiting, blurred vision, tiredness, change in the heart rate, thirst, chest pains, swollen feet or hands, confusion, shortness of breath, diarrhea, seizures and nausea.

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