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Even though pregnancy is said to be one of the amazing experiences for every expectant mother, it also a period marked by many discomforts and increased responsibility of the motherfor her own health and for the health of her baby.

One of theproblems that can appear in the early stages of pregnancy is vaginal spotting. Itis a slight bleeding, which is usually noticed when the pregnant woman wipesherself, or when she detects it on her underwear. Sometimes this spotting is notserious, but sometimes it is the sign of some serious complication in thepregnancy.

Causes ofspotting in early pregnancy

One of thereasons for the occurrence of vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy is implantation.When the egg is fertilized by a spermatozoid, it travels from the fallopian tubeinto the uterus, where it implants itself in the lining of the uterus. This implantationmay cause slight bleeding that appears immediately or after several days asbrown spotting.Spotting inearly pregnancy may occur after an internal test, such as pap smear. This vaginalspotting is not serious and the pregnant woman should not worry about it.However, it is recommended to consult a doctor.Sexual intercoursemay also be responsible for the incidence of spotting in the early pregnancy. Thecervix, as well as the whole pelvic area, is supplied with increased amounts ofblood during pregnancy. The cervix can be irritated during a sexual relation, and it can lead to the vaginal bleeding. If the spotting appears always after asexual intercourse, it is recommended to abstain from it at least during thefirst three months of pregnancy.One of thecauses of spotting in early pregnancy is ectopic pregnancy. In this type of pregnancy, the fertilized egg usually implants in the fallopian tube and therefore, it is frequentlycalled tubal pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is very serious and requires medicalattention. Apart from spotting, there are several other symptoms of this typeof pregnancy, such as severe pain in the abdomen and dizziness.According tocertain statistics, even 20 to 30% of pregnancies, unfortunately, end inmiscarriage, and spotting is the symptom of every miscarriage.When vaginalbleeding appears, it is not serious condition unless it is accompanied with othersymptoms, such as severe pain in the abdomen, cramps and dizziness. In suchcases, immediate visit to a doctor is recommended.

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