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Miscarriage might be a very delicate and painful subject to talk about, and women who are going into a pregnancy probably don't even want to think about it. Yet, miscarriages are very common and around 20 percent of all clinically recognized miscarriages end with this type of pregnancy loss. Knowing what the symptoms of a first trimester miscarriage are will help women be aware if they are miscarrying, and might also put them at ease, because an absence of miscarriage symptoms normally means the absence of a miscarriage.


Bleeding, or spotting to start with, is a very common miscarriage symptom and one of the most clear signs to look out for. Bleeding and especially light pregnancy spotting does not necessarily mean you are having a miscarriage. At the same time, you can suffer pregnancy loss, to be more specific a missed miscarriage, without any bleeding. If you have started experiencing first trimester bleeding, probably in combination with other symptoms, that is one of the indications of a miscarriage.


One of the other signs of miscarriage during the first trimester is cramps. Cramps may occur in a rhythmical pattern, much like labor contractions (but little less intense), or in the form of a constant nagging crampy feeling. This abdominal cramping may well feel very similar to ordinary menstrual cramps.


Pregnant women who are experiencing heavy, stinging pain, that is so heavy they can't concentrate on anything else should head for a hospital right away. This pain may be caused by an ectopic pregnancy, a pregnancy developing outside of the uterus, most commonly inside one of the fallopian tubes. This type of pregnancy is life-threatening for mothers.

Lack of pregnancy symptoms

During most miscarriages, cramping and bleeding will be present. Where there has been a "missed miscarriage", which means the fetus has passed away but a miscarriage has not started, there will not be any bleeding or cramping, but you may notice that your pregnancy symptoms have gone away.

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