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Menstruation is not a great joy when you are not trying for a baby, but when you are, it turns into a nasty and physically uncomfortable monthly event that signifies you that you are still not pregnant. The tell-tale signs that your period will disturb your hopes that you conceived this cycle often arrive before the actual blood flow. As women, we are all aware what they can be from mood swings, to facial impurities, to abdominal bloating. And of course, cramping. If your period is due soon, and abdominal cramps have started plaguing your lower regions, does that mean that you can t possibly be pregnant this month? It is easy to assume that a symptom that you have come to know and trust as part of the complete picture that comes with your menstruation cannot possibly an early pregnancy symptom.

Are you asking yourself whether pregnancy is still possible despite cramping before your period? The answer, in short, is yes. In fact, if you are experiencing abdominal cramping and your period is staying away, every day your menstrual flow has not started is another sign that you could be pregnant. While uterine cramps are a common symptom of the onset of menstruation, they are likewise a frequent complaint during the earliest stages of pregnancy. If you are indeed pregnant, your uterus will be working over hours trying to provide the most stable environment possible for your fertilized egg, and it is undergoing an awful lot of changes. It is no wonder that women almost always experience some level of abdominal cramping during early pregnancy, and this often coincides with the time your menstruation would normally be starting.

To sum up, cramping before your period can mean that you are not pregnant and that your menstruation is about to start. But by the same token, your cramps could be telling you that you have conceived. Because cramping is a symptom of the onset of menstruation, as well as a symptom of early pregnancy, taking a pregnancy test as soon as you are expecting your period is the quickest way to get some real information!

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