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Have you been having nasty menstrual cramps for days now, yet Aunt Flo has not showed up yet? Are you wondering why your period has not started, despite the fact that you are having menstrual cramps? Are you hoping that you could be pregnant? The good news is that having "menstrual cramps" and no period can definitely indicate pregnancy!

One of the most confusing things about very early pregnancy is the fact that a lot of its symptoms are the same as the symptoms you experience every month, before you start your period. These symptoms include mood swings, impurities on your facial skin, abdominal bloating, and "menstrual" cramps. How do you tell menstrual cramps apart from early pregnancy cramps, then? At the risk of stating the obvious, I'll say it if you have menstrual cramps, but no period, the chances are you are pregnant! The motto here is, "When in doubt, take a pregnancy test!" HCG, the hormone that DIY pregnancy tests use to tell you whether or not you are pregnant, is definitely produced by the time you have noticed that your period is late. This is the ideal time to take a pregnancy test!

The next question is, if you are pregnant, is there anything you can do to make those cramps stop, or at least make them more bearable? I have no problem with taking an over the counter pain killer for menstrual cramps, but I would never recommend the same for early pregnancy. The best thing you can do is take it easy, and put your feet up as much as possible. Before you know it, this particular pregnancy symptom will have been and gone, and forgotten, and a whole new set of second trimester symptoms, like heartburn and ligament pain, will be waiting for you!

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