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What many women may not be aware of is that cramping thatoccurs during pregnancy, even the kind that is present really early on, isperfectly normal. The thing is that many women usually associate cramping as asign of a miscarriage. However, the kind of cramping whose intensity is not toosevere is usually the normal kind.

What is the earliest that cramping can begin?

The actual earliest moment of experiencing cramping is themoment of implementation of the fertilized egg into the uterine wall. However,cramping that’s experienced this early on in the pregnancy is not even likelyto be connected to the pregnancy and it’s possible to simply pass unnoticed, orat least, so unimportant that it’s completely ignored.

Another symptom that canpossibly occur at this early stage is light vaginal bleeding or spotting. Allthese symptoms resemble menstruation all too well, so unless a person actuallyknows that they are pregnant at that moment, they are likely to draw theconclusion that they are getting their period.

What are the causes of cramping?

There a couple other causes of cramping aside from theprocess of implementation. There is a possibility that the reason for cramping isof hormonal nature, and it is the fact that the hormones affect the uterus in away for it to begin expanding in order to be big enough to hold the growingfetus. These cramps are more unpleasant than they are painful and are usuallyassociated with the states of needing to pee or the one after sexual intercourse.

Another reason for cramping during pregnancy is also connected to the expandingof the uterus, except that it’s not hormonal, but rather muscular. That meansthat cramping can also occur when the ligaments around the uterus arestretching due to its expansion.

How can the cramping be relieved?

The most basic way to try and take the pressure of crampingoff the stomach is by pressing either heating pads or cloths soaked in verywarm water to the lower abdomen. If that is not sufficient to bring relief andlessen the cramping, the next step is buying certain pills that are meant forthat particular use in the pharmacy.

Also, the chances of cramping willdecrease significantly if a woman makes sure to not do any kind of strenuousactivity throughout the day and get plenty of water and rest. Finally, whileintercourse is in no way harmful to the fetus, it’s best to avoid it duringpregnancy, or at least the first couple of months, in order to avoid thecramping as well.

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