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Angular cheilitis is alsoknown under the names perlèche, angular stomatitis and cheliosis. All thesenames refer to an inflammatory lesion that appears in the corner of the mouth. Angular cheilitis ismarked by the deep cracks or splits. Sometimes, when this condition is the severe,even bleeding can be caused by the opening of the mouth. Furthermore, crusts, aswell as shallow ulcers, may form in that area.

This condition has its own characteristic symptomsthat are obvious and visible. The most common symptom of the angular cheilitis isred and raw lesion, which appears at the corner of the mouth. Gradually, this lesionstarts to crack. Due to this fissure, the people who suffer from this conditionexperience a pain or a tingling when they try to smile, eat and drink.

Causes of angularcheilitis

There are many reasonsthat are responsible for the occurrence of this condition. One of the causes is thefungus Candida albicans, which causes oral yeast infection or oral thrush. Furthermore,many other pathogens can cause angular cheilitis. However, many studies haveshown that, in the majority of cases, this condition is caused by the nutritionaldeficiency, especially by riboflavin or vitamin B2 deficiency, as well as byiron deficiency anemia. Furthermore, zinc insufficiency may also lead to the appearanceof angular cheilitis. This condition is also asymptom to many disorders, such as Plummer-Vinson syndrome.

Treatment of angularcheilitis

Angular cheilitis iswidely known as having chipped lips. There is a fast andeffective treatment for this annoying, embarrassing and painful condition. Unfortunately,this condition is visible and cannot be covered up by any make up. In the majority of cases,the doctors prescribe a 1% hydro cortisone topical cream. However,this remedy only relieves the pain and does not cure the condition completely.

In order to cure angular cheilitis, it is importantto eliminate the underlying cause. When the fungus Candida albicans is the maincause, then the applying of the antifungal and steroid creams are the most recommended.Antifungal creams eliminate the fungi, while steroids relieve the existing pain. One of the fast cure remedies for angular cheilitisis to leave the area completely dry and without moist, since in such environmentthe fungi and the bacteria cannot survive but few hours. The people who have dentures need tosoak them over the night in a ten to one part solution of water to householdbleach, because this solution is very effective in eliminating the bacteria.

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