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Mouth or oral thrush is the fungal infection of the mucous membrane of the inside of the mouth. Those are the fungi which belong to the group of yeast and in most cases the cause of this condition is the fungus called Candida. Nevertheless, oral thrush is most common among the newborns and the women who recently have had a labour (it appears on the mother’s nipples) but it could happen to anyone.

The first sign of the condition is the apparition of the whiteness over the surface of the tongue which is actually grouped in the small parts, and those parts could be wounded without difficulty.

The most prominent characteristic of this fungal infection is the one of being very persistent, and, because of that, the traditional medical treatment should be followed by the carefully planned home treatment and one should stick to it with a discipline. The home remedies are almost exclusively based on the extracted oils from the different beneficial herbs and that oils should be put on directly over the affected area in the oral cavity.

For example, the oil that is made from tea tree is already well known as the medication for the infections caused by fungi, and that is the reason why this oil is so popular in the products of the oral medicine. But it can also deal with the rash successfully if the oil from the carrier is added to the tea tree oil, and that mixture is applied on the baby’s bottom in order to treat the fungal diaper rash. So few drops of this oil are enough to be put on directly on the affected spots of the tongue for the mouth thrush. Also, the nipples could be protected either with this oil alone or combined with the coconut oil, but this mixture should be rinsed off before every feeding of a baby.

Very effective antifungal home remedy is the oil extracted from coconut. It can be put on the nipples and onto the newborn’s tongue, too. It is even more appropriate for the infants because of the ingredients which are a lot more digestible. Besides being a very beneficial natural cure for the oral thrush, the coconut oil is also very powerful encourager of the immunity. And it is good to point out that the coconut oil can last over the two years after buying it.

Also, the derivation of the grapefruit seed is very powerful antimicrobial and antiseptic remedy and has a wide range of use. It could be used also concerning this condition. Another oils that are beneficial are from clove (very strong and because of that, should be attenuated with some other oil) and the oregano oil (also strong, but can be applied in non-diluted form in adults).

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