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There are many foot surgery procedures. Each of them deal with particular problem of the foot. Some are performed since there is a problem with joints, other are performed in a case of problems with bones and some are essential for correction of damage caused by different injuries.

Foot Surgery for Arthritis Joints

Arthritis is a serious condition that affects joints. In case of arthritis of the joints in the foot the person suffers from pain, swelling and stiffening of the affected joints. The joints can be severely damaged and deformed. Some patients require specific surgeries. Exostectomy is a surgery for bone spurs. Arthroplasty repairs the damage caused by inflammation of the joints. In some cases the joint is replaced with an artificial one. Joint fusion is performed in case of erosion to the cartilage.

Foot Surgery for Bunions

Bunions are foot deformities that develop on the connecting bone between the big toe and the first bone in the foot. They are consisted of soft tissue and bone. Surgery for bunions is performed only if all conservative treatments fail to provide a patient with pain and discomfort relief. Patients generally undergo osteotomy and the condition can be also treated with exostectomy.

Foot Surgery for Ankle Sprain

Repeated sprains of the foot are responsible for misalignment of the bones. In order to straighten the bones and get them back to their original place as well as stabilize the ankle, the person may undergo a surgery. There are several surgeries performed in these cases and they are all collectively known as lateral ankle stabilization.

Foot Surgery for Ingrown Toenail

There are many factors that contribute to ingrown toenails. The problem is very serious and can be successfully treated with specific foot surgery. The doctor performs surgical removal of the ingrown toenail. This procedure is known under the name partial nail avulsion with matrixectomy.

Foot Surgery for Flat Feet

Flat feet is a form of foot deformity. In people suffering from flat feet the arch of the foot is closed up and the complete sole touches the ground. The condition leads to pain and the joints become unstable. In case conservative treatments fail to provide the patient with proper correction the condition is treated surgically. The surgery is the last resort and is not so commonly performed since it takes too much time for one to recover and is rather costly.

Foot Surgery for Warts

Surgery for warts is simple and performed under local anesthesia. There is a risk of scarring and it may take some time for wound to heal completely. The surgery is not an option in case of huge warts or if one is suffering from multiple warts. And what needs to be mentioned is that even after surgery warts may reoccur.

Foot Surgery for Hammertoes

Hammertoe is a foot deformity in which the toe resembles a hammer or claw. The affected toe is abnormally bended. The condition features with excruciating pain that can be only alleviated with surgery.

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