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The proper weight

Quite a lot of people are increasingly interested in the proper weight disposition, with regards to their height. One of the main reasons for this is that people believe a certain balance between height and weight should exist, for this could potentially lead to better overall health. What may come as a great surprise and disappointment at the same time to many is that there is not any 100% sound proof method for determining this. On the other hand, what a person can do is asses, measure and come to a body shape, which will perfectly correspond to his/her height.

The fact is that the greatest majority of people who seek to lose weight is familiar with the fact that the entire process should be primarily based in the loss of excessive fat. However, a lot of people are unaware of the fact that there is a possibility that the loss of weight in general should not reside on the loss of fat necessarily. The loss of muscle mass, as well as loss of fluids, i.e. water, should also be taken into account. But these two do not play any role if a person seeks to shape up the body in terms of modeling it until it becomes perfectly defined. What loss of muscles triggers is sluggishness of the metabolism, thus making one even more prone to a rebound and gain of additional weight. As for the loss of water, this is of short duration, for the body is able to restore and make up for those losses of water quite rapidly.

Scales may cause temporary insanity

Unfortunately, scales used for determining the proper weight of one’s body are in charge of a great number of lives. Of course, this can lead only to unnecessary disappointment and emptiness, for constant weighing is the one way that will never facilitate the process of carving a picture of the perfect body.

Assessment guides

One quite uncomplicated method to asses if a body is well defined or not is by measuring the waist to hip ratio in cases of women. 0.7 is regarded as the one that will give a woman in question perfect hourglass looks. Having men in mind, the most applicable and easy-to-do method for measuring a “V” shaped body is by measuring shoulder to hip ratio – for that picture of perfect and dazzling body, one should strive to 0.8 shoulder/waist ratio.

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