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When making any kind of big decision, it’s always good topreserve the sense of purpose and have a specific final goal; otherwise, whenreaching that goal gets tougher, one might forget why they made such a decisionin the first place.

Losing weight and striving for an ideal weight may seemlike the thing that wouldn’t exactly fit into the category of such bigdecisions, but the discipline and dedication it requires would beg to differ.The final goal, when it comes to this kind of decision, would be to set adesired weight to reach.

The way people decided on the ideal weight in the past

The interesting thing is that people did not always have theideal weight standard. Up until a point, the weight that was considereddesirable for them was the weight that was healthy and that carried the lowestrisk of dangerous diseases and death with itself. But somehow, the desirableweight gradually became the model that everyone was striving for.

One of the first methods of calculating the ideal weight wasbased on looking into the weight of women whose medical history illustrates thefact that the risk of death is lowest for them. One of the drawbacks of thismethod was the fact that the women with lowest possibility of dying are youngwomen in their twenties. And it was in no way fair to compare the generalhealth and the weight of a woman in her twenties to, for example, the generalhealth and weight of a woman in her fifties.

It is only natural that an olderwoman will not be as healthy as a young one, because her body goes throughchanges, one of which is gradually gaining weight with years. Another thingthat is perfectly natural is that the risk of death is higher for a middle-agedperson than a young one. This method was known as the Height and Weight Tables.

The method of determining the ideal weight today

The method of determining the ideal weight nowadays is veryessentially different from Height and Weight Tables. This method, called BMI,is based on the claim that every individual has his own ideal weight thatdepends solely on his height. The way to calculate this ideal weight is bydividing the weight by squared height.

However, although this method is advanced when compared tothe previously mentioned one, it still isn’t ideal. After reaching the weightthat this method has recommended for them, some people have had to deal withhealth issues because what BMI does not do is check the balance of nutrients inthe organism, which is to say if the weight people are losing is only the fator something that they actually require for a healthy immunity.

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