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Seroquel XR medication is used for thetreatment of conditions which are related to the mood of the patient.Therefore, these tablets can be used for treating schizophrenia orbipolar disorder, along with many other health problems which arerelated to mood problems.

The following lines will provide moreinformation on this medication and its effectiveness in the treatmentof mood conditions.

Seroquel XR for Mood Conditions

These tablets are, basically, atypicalantipsychotics. Even though the main reasons behind the effectivenessof this drug is unknown health experts claim that the positiveeffects stem from the brain receptors that this medication hasinfluence on.

However, in order to use these tabletsfor the treatment of the mood conditions mentioned above, you need tobear several things in mind. First of all, you should avoid thismedication is you are allergic to any of its ingredients. Therefore,make sure you read the instruction label carefully and thoroughly.Also, if you suffer from low potassium and magnesium levels in yourblood, you should skip this drug until your health state normalizes.

Some other situations where this drugmay not be suitable for you are heartbeat problems you are facing oryou have been facing in the past and medications for arrhythmia youmight be taking during the Seroquel xr therapy.

If any of the following health problemsand factors are present in your life, make sure you let your healthprovider know about these since taking Seroquel xr in these cases canlead to undesired complications.

Additionally, let your doctor know ifyou are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding. Do the same if you areplanning on becoming pregnant during the Seroquel xr therapy.Furthermore, your doctor should known if you are taking anyprescription or over-the-counter medications of some other typessince this drug can interact with these and lead to various healthproblems.

Report any presence of bipolar disorderor other mood-related conditions running in your family before takingthe medication from your doctor. Also, tell him/her if you sufferfrom Alzheimer's disease, dementia, some other health problems orissues related to swallowing. Obesity or excessive body weight canalso interfere with the positive effects of Seroquel xr, so make sureyou mention this factor too.

If you have ruled out all the factorsmentioned above and have reached the stage where you take themedication, make sure you do this properly. Basically, Seroquel xr istaken with water, usually once a day, preferably in the evening,before or after meals. It is crucial not to chew, break or deform thetablet in any way since this can lead to an excessive release of thedrugs in your organism. Namely, the tablets are made in a way whichallows the drug to be dosed in equally distributed amounts, onceseroquel xr reaches the inside of your body.

Speaking of the dosage, this willdepend on the condition you are undergoing the therapy for and onyour response to the previous stages of the treatment. Either way,provided you follow all the instructions your doctor gave you, youshould have no problems caused by Seroquel xr. Rather, you are likelyto benefit from this drug in these situations.

Side-Effects of Seroquel XR

Some of the most frequently seenside-effects related to this medication are constipation, upsetstomach, drowsiness, tiredness, weight gain, vision problems and drymouth. If any of these appear and start escalating in intensity andfrequency, seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

Additionally, lightheadedness is knownto be an adverse effect of this drug, especially during the initialstages of the therapy. Therefore, when under the influence of thismedication, make sure you stand up slowly and refrain from performingabrupt movements.

Some of the most dangerous side-effectswhich stem from Seroquel xr are hyperactivity, shaking, symptomswhich are related to infections such as fevers and sore throat andmood changes, combined with difficulties experienced whileswallowing. Thus, if you notice these, react timely and contact yourdoctor or the emergency service.

Rarely, this medication can lead toappearance of dizziness, fainting, irregular heartbeats, seizures orrise in the blood sugar levels. Furthermore, if you are allergic toany of the ingredients of Seroquel xr, your body will react to itthrough swelling appearing in the facial area, especially the mouth,the throat and the tongue, rashes, hives and, eventually loss ofconsciousness. In such cases, react immediately and seek medicalassistance right away.

All in all, Seroquel XR is a drugintended for the treatment of mood conditions such as schizophreniaand bipolar disorder. Even though health experts are not yet sure howthese tablets work, they have been proven effective for thesepurposes. Yet, if you are to benefit from Seroquel xr, you areadvised to read the instruction labels and follow your doctor'sinstructions carefully.

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