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Imitrex is a medication, also known assumartriptan, being mainly used for helping people overcome theirheadache and migraine problems. This medication functions bynarrowing the blood vessels around the brain, at the same timereducing certain chemicals in the brain related to the onset ofheadaches, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound and other possiblesymptoms related to headaches.

This medication needs to be takenaccording to the doctor's instructions, in order to be fullyeffective. In order to find out more about it, read through the linesbelow.

Imitrex for Headaches

You need to be aware of several factsabout this medication before you actually start using it. First ofall, Imitrex is effective only for migraines and headaches that havealready started to show their symptoms. Therefore, it cannot reducethe effects of headaches and migraines that have not yet started, norcan it reduce the number of attacks within and headache or amigraine.

Moreover, this medication is consideredunsuitable for headaches which are triggered by tension or headacheswhich result in movement loss in one side of the body, as well as anypossible type of headache which is different from migraines.Therefore, before using Imitrex, make sure you consult with yourdoctor about your condition, making sure that the pain you areexperiencing is really due to a migraine. Still, bear in mind thatthere are other uses to this medication too. So, do not forget to askyour doctor about these too.

There are some conditions under whichyou may not be suitable for using Imitrex for the treatment of yourmigraine-related problems. For example, people who suffer of havesuffered from heart diseases, coronary heart disease, angina, bloodcirculation problems, lack of adequate blood supply to the heart,hypertension, liver diseases, ischemic bowel disease, heart attacksor strokes or any forms of headaches being different from migrainesare advised to avoid this medication and opt for some differenttreatment methods.

Also, you should not use Imitrex within24 hours after using some other medication for dealing withheadaches. Additionally, Imitrex is not to be taken while you areunder the influence of MAO inhibitors. Rather, if you have taken MAOinhibitors, it is safe to take Imitrex only 14 days after your lastdose.

Inform your doctor about your detailedmedical history before taking Imitrex and make sure you report all ofthe above mentioned conditions, if you have suffered from them.Furthermore, pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding and thosewho plan on becoming mothers in the closest future should all reportthis to their doctors. Namely, this medication may affect the fetusand you may need to avoid it during and shortly after your pregnancy.

Imitrex is taken in a form of a singletablet, with a whole glass of water. If the tablet does not result inthe cessation of the migraine pain two hours after being taken, youshould take another one. However, be careful not to overdose,limiting your dosage of Imitrex to 200mg in 24 hours.

Taking into consideration that you areto use Imitrex according to the pain you are experiencing, there arenot specific dosage plans and regulation. Yet, be careful not to gooverboard and contact your doctor if you start experiencing certainsymptoms which are not related to the migraines nor the expectedeffects of Imitrex.

Side-Effects of Imitrex

Some of the most common side-effects ofthis medication are flushing, tingling, numbness, prickling and heatsensations, fatigue, general weakness and drowsiness, combined withdizziness sometimes. If these appear after taking the drug, contactyour doctor, especially if the symptoms turn worse gradually.

Keep in mind that most people who useimitrex do not suffer from side-effects. However, the unlucky few mayeven experience some more serious adverse effects such as tightnessaffecting the neck, jaw or even chest area, shortly after theswallowing of the tablet. Some other serious signs which requireimmediate medical assistance are fainting, irregular or strangeheartbeats, vision problems, weakness affecting a single side of thebody, slurred speech, abrupt abdominal pain, confusion or bloodydiarrhea. In addition to these, major signs for concern are bluefingers or toes, coldness felt in the hands and feet, appearance ofhearing difficulties, mood swings and seizures.

In general, you can avoid all of theseside-effects by letting your doctor know about your possibleallergies and your previous health issues. This will allow him/her toassess your compatibility with Imitrex and see whether you can takeit without any side-effects or not.

All in all, people who suffer frommigraines can benefit greatly from Imitrex, a medication which istaken once the symptoms of migraines occur. However, in order to getthe most out of this drug, you are advised to follow your doctor'sinstructions and the instructions that go with the medicationthoroughly.

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