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A proper withdrawal from the use of Seroquel is needed in order to reduce or eliminate the side effects associated with Seroquel withdrawal, which is a hard thing to do once the side effects appear. An antipsychotic medication called Seroquel alters the brain chemicals, like serotonin and dopamine. Children and adult schizophrenia can be treated with Seroquel and it is very efficient in this treatment, but it can also be used for treating children and adult bipolar disorders. If an adult suffers from a major depressive disorder, there may be a need for a combination of medications, of which one is Seroquel. Only under the physician's supervision you can take this prescription medicine and also the doctor must approve the end of usage because there are certain side effects that can occur.

Seroquel Withdrawal Syndrome

The appearance of the side effects is possible because the time is needed for the brain to adjust to the new conditions. These side effect are not a result of Seroquel abuse or because it is addictive. The most common Seroquel withdrawal symptoms are suicidal thoughts, severe depression, feeling worthless, rapid weight gain, excessive urination, joint pain, arm pain, leg pain, kidney dysfunction, vision problems, sore or inflamed stomach, itchy or reddened skin, decreased sex drive, trouble with swallowing food, buildup of a fluid leading to swelling, shortness of breath, cardiac failure, fainting, appetite loss, mania or other bipolar disorder symptoms, insomnia, headache, vomiting and nausea. The gradual lowering of Seroquel dosage is something the physician will monitor and will help with the withdrawal symptoms.The use of Seroquel may be stopped immediately by your physician if you are moving on to some other schizophrenia or bipolar disorder medications, but this may be slowly done as well. Nausea is one of the most common symptoms of Seroquel withdrawal and it occurs in almost every case of sudden elimination of Seroquel usage. Vomiting is another of the most common symptoms and depending on the usage duration and the time from the elimination of the use, it may be present from a few to several days. We hope to have provided some important information on this subject and remember never to start or end the use of Seroquel without a consultation with the physician.

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