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Sertraline is a drug which is commonlyused for treating depression, OCD, panic disorders and post-traumaticstress disorder, along with the social anxiety disorder and someother problems related to the anxious mood.

The usage and dosage of sertralinevaries, depending on the problem this drug is supposed to solve. Youcan find all the information about this drug and its usage in thelines written below.

Sertraline for Anxiety Problem

Sertraline helps one deal with anxietyby balancing the chemicals in the brain after these have been in thestate of imbalance. This effect is also the main tool this medicationhas for helping people deal with depression. Yet, this drug isclaimed to stimulate suicidal tendencies in people who suffer fromdepression and is, therefore, rarely used for these purposes.However, bearing in mind that this medication has a different effecton each an every individual, it may not be related with thisside-effect exclusively.

Usually, people who are treated withsertraline get exposed to low doses of this medication initially.Later, once the organism of the patient gets used to the drug, thedose gets increased gradually, in order to prevent the appearance ofside-effects.

This medication, as well as any otherof this type is not supposed to be shared with anyone else but theperson who has obtained the prescription for it. Also, thisindividual should only take the prescribed dosage in order to trulybenefit from the effects of sertraline. Any misuse of the drug may becounter-productive and even life-threatening. Thus, if you have anydoubts or problems related to the effects of sertraline, contact thehealth practitioner who gave you the description for it in the firstplace.

Commonly, sertraline will have to betaken at a specific point of the day or night. Bear in mind that thefood you eat and the time of the consumption can affect the effectsof the medication too. Therefore, read the information sheet thatcomes with sertraline before taking the initial dosage. If this formof information is not available, contact your health provider.Additionally, do the same if you have any other forms of questions orinquiries.

All in all, sertraline is a type ofdrug which belongs to a category called the SSRIs or the selectiveserotonine reuptake inhibitors. It is commonly found by the name ofZoloft. Taking into consideration that serotonin is the hormone incharge of many important processes taking place in the brain,sertraline balances it if any problems occur and thereby helps usovercome anxiety, depression and some other, similar problems. Thisdrug was officially approved by the FDA by the end of 1991.

How is Sertraline Dosed?

Taking excessive amounts of thismedication can lead to health problems and severe side-effects.Therefore, overdosing with sertraline is a situation which shouldresult in immediate medical intervention. Yet, in order to know howmuch of this medication you can take, it is best that you consultwith your health expert and seek advice. Alternatively, you can findthe information your need from your pharmacist or the NHS directline.

Also, in order to avoid the undesirableeffects of this medication, you are advised to get off it graduallyrather than stopping the therapy abruptly since this will triggersome of the numerous withdrawal effects.

The ideal dosage of sertraline rangesfrom 50 to 150mg a day. This dose is to be taken once daily for thetreatment of depression, OCD, post-traumatic stress disorder or panicdisorder, along with some other conditions which were mentionedabove. The initial dosage for these forms of treatment is usually notmore than 25 to 50mg a day. Once the effects of the drug startappearing without the side-effect or any other signs of problems, thedose is increased. Usually, this happens on a weekly basis.

This drug can be taken with or withoutfood and, as far as women are concerned, it is taken 14 days beforethe menstrual period in dosages ranging from 50 to 150mg everyday.

Taking into consideration that thisdrug is an SSRI, it is not to be taken with MAO inhibitors due to thefact that the interactions between the two can lead to healthcomplications ranging from mild to severe. Rather, if either of thesedrugs it to be taken, the other one needs to be out of your systemfor longer than two weeks.

Also, pregnant and breastfeeding womenshould not take sertraline since it can lead to health problemsaffecting the baby.

Finally, some of the most frequentlyseen side-effects related to sertraline are insomnia, dizziness,tremor, skin rashes, stomach problems, appetite loss, diarrhea,ejaculation abnormalities, dry mouth, weight loss and many others.

To sum up, sertraline is a veryeffective SSRI drug, used for treating anxiety problems, depressionand many other health complications. However, in order for it to betruly beneficial and effective, you are advised to follow yourdoctor's instructions regarding its dosage and usage religiously.

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