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Self evaluating a constant stomach ache

There are many reasons for stomach ache some of which are serious while others are not. It is always recommendable to go to your doctor for advice. Also if there is pain in the stomach area it may not always be the stomach that is hurting, it could be some of the other abdominal organs. If stomach ache goes from mild to severe, go to a doctor, but if it becomes severe all of a sudden, make for the emergency room or the urgent care clinic, if necessary. Recent injury or fall can cause constant stomach ache. It could be also caused by medication or something that was eaten, so it will help to think of all the things that a person may have ingested into the stomach. Also, notes should be made about the medications: which medications and when they were taken and if the stomach aches began shortly after taking them. A constant stomach ache doesn't mean that there is the same magnitude of pain all the time. It can lessen and get worse, but most of the time the pain is there. A person should ask herself or himself if the pain occurs when doing a certain exercise or when she or he is stressful. Also, it is recommended to notice if there is a connection between the food a person eats, especially if it's greasy or spicy, and the increase of the pain intensity.

Analyze your pain

The doctor usually wants to know if the pain is sharp, dull or all over the stomach. Also, one should make sure not to fail to mention if she or he had a diarrhea or a burning sensation, because if the care provider has all the facts, she or he will be able to diagnose the condition much faster. Even if there is pain elsewhere, for instance in the chest, it should be mentioned because some disorders cause pain in other places.

Chronic constipation is one of the most usual causes for constant stomach ache, even though the problem is more in the intestinal tract than it is in the stomach. Food allergy and food poisoning are also some of the causes. Heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome and lactose intolerance should also be mentioned as causes. More serious ones are different types of cancer. But, if it comes to this, the doctor will know what should be done and how to approach the problem in order to treat it in the best way possible.

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