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Introduction to upper stomach pain

The name of the condition is pretty self-explanatory meaning that when a person is suffering from upper stomach pain, they are experiencing pain in the upper part of the stomach area.

There are many possible reasons for such pain, and the severity of the pain can vary greatly depending on the problem.


If a person is feeling pain in their stomachs after eating, this usually means that they are either suffering from indigestion or heartburn.

Sometimes pain can be felt in the stomach when the pancreas is inflamed.

Other times, such pain in this region of the body can be caused by something like a peptic ulcer, which is when the stomach lining breaks away because of an excessive amount of acid being produced in the stomach.

Upper abdominal pain can also result from other inflammations such as diverticulitis or appendicitis. Sometimes, losing blood supply to an organ can cause ischemic colitis, which can also be a problem that will lead to pain in the stomach area.

Other problems related to the organs that are located in the upper abdominal area can also lead to stomach pain. For example, stretching or a distention of an organ can cause such problems, as can a blocking of the bile duct by gallstones, for instance. Symptoms

The most common symptoms include a dull ache, a burning sensation in the stomach or a sharp stabbing pain. All of this will, of course, depend on what is causing the pain.

Sometimes it could be a stomachache, but on other occasions, the pain could be caused by problems that are related to organs that are located in this general area, such as the appendix, pancreas, kidney, gallbladder and intestines.


If the pain is being caused by indigestion, then there are antacids that can be taken to provide immediate relief. If a person wants to avoid indigestion and heartburn for good, then they will have to make changes to the way they eat and the general way that they live their lives. For example, they will have to stay away from greasy food and alcohol and they will need to start exercising and learning how to eat small portions at a time.

Antacids can also offer temporary relief for peptic ulcers as well. Milk is another good thing to ingest when having problems that are related to indigestion or peptic ulcers, because it will help protect the stomach lining and decrease the pain.

Most problems that are related to internal organs will need to be taken to a doctor, since there are no home remedies for appendicitis.

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