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Introduction to trapped nerve in back

When a nerve is trapped, it essentially means that the nerve is being compressed, and this excessive pressure on the nerve squeezes it off. This is usually referred to as a pinched nerve and it can cause a significant amount of the pain.

Nerves carry signals to the brain, so when a nerve is compressed, there will be a feeling of discomfort coming with it, which will be similar to a burning, pins and needles sensation.

When this happens in the back, it can cause pain and spasms in that area of the body.

It is best to visit a doctor in order to confirm whether the pain in the back is being caused by a trapped nerve.

If this is the reason, then the specialist will recommend a proper treatment.

The nerve that is located in the lower back and is the longest running nerve in the body is called the sciatic nerve.

It starts where the spinal nerve ends, which is where the buttocks begins. It goes down both legs and ends at the feet and the nerve roots of the sciatic nerve are attacked to the spinal chord.


When a nerve on the back is trapped, it can cause pain in the lower back area and the pain will usually start to move downwards and affect the legs as well.

The severity of the pain will depend on the amount of pressure that is being put on the nerve, it can be mild, but it can also be very severe.

The pain either comes in spurts or is sometimes constant.

In some cases, the pain is aggravated even further by sneezing or coughing.


There are many possible causes for a pinched nerve in the back.

One is a herniated disc. These discs that are located on the spine and protect it have been known to slip when overexerted. When this happens, the protruding disc can put pressure on the nerve and pinch it.

This is usually referred to as a herniated disc.

Pregnancy is another possible cause. As the pregnancy moves on the uterus grows and can put pressure on the sciatic nerve, which could lead to pain.


There are various ways to treat pinched nerves in the back, one excellent one is by using ice therapy. Putting ice packs on the back is good for decreasing the inflammation that is caused by the trapped nerve.

Heat therapy can be used as well by applying heat backs to the back in order to relieve the pain.

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