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Degenerativedisk disease is the condition marked by pain caused by deterioration of spinal discs. which occurs gradually overtime. There arespinal discs between the spinal bones, and besides the fact that they support our body, they also absorbthe shock between the spinal bones that occurs when we are performing someactivity.

The spinal discs are comprised ofinner and outer parts. While the outer layer of the spinal discs is tough, theinner layer is a jelly-like substance. When any of these parts is damaged, theperson experiences almost unbearable pain because the spinal discs contain thenerves and they are very sensitive. Degeneration of the discs occursvery slowly. In the beginning, the person just feels acute pain and becauseof that, the movements of the back become painful and problematic.

Symptoms of degenerative discdisease

The degenerative disc disease causessharp pain in the discs that are damaged, as well as in the surrounding region.This pain tends to aggravate when the person carries something heavy on theback, or when he/she is standing or sitting in a wrong position. Furthermore, bending and twisting of the back are very difficult and painful in people suffering fromdegenerative disc disease. Numbness of the back may appear ifthe person with this disease stands in one position for a long period. Some people may even feel pain inthe leg muscles as well. Dizziness might appear since the outer part of thespinal disc is full of nerves.

Causes of degenerative disc disease

Wearing and tearing of the spinal disc is considered to be he prime cause forthe occurrence of the degeneration of the discs. The blood flow to the spinal discsis not as it should be, so the damaged discs cannot be healed promptly, which further leads to the gradual degeneration of the discs. Aside from this, degenerative discdisease may also be caused by the decreased amounts of water in the discs tissue, whichdecreases as one ages. A direct injury to the discs, as wellas constant bad posture, may also be responsible for the incidence of degenerativedisc disease.

As for the treatment, the doctors prescribe certainmedications to relieve the symptoms such as pain and inflammation.Physical therapy is also necessary when the degenerative disc disease is in question. A surgery is required only in severe cases when the other treatmentmethods are not effective.

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