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Basic principles of dr. Shettles method are described in an article How to Determine Baby s Sex with Shettles Method

Conceiving a baby boy following dr. Shettles method

If you would like to feel those pregnancy signs as soon as possible and conceive a boy, dr. Shettles recommends couple should have sexual intercourse as close as possible to ovulation day. The reason for that lies in Y chromosomes that are not considered to survive for a long time, but are the fastest. Consequently, if they are release just prior to the ovulation, they would fertilize the egg much sooner than X chromosomes. He also claims couple should abstain from sex before that for at least 5 days because that would increase the power of male sperm. Because Y chromosomes are not so resistant, woman should not restrain from orgasm this way she would decrease alkalinity in vagina and this way enable best possible conditions for conceiving a baby boy. Dr Shettles recommends position of man being behind woman (doggy style) since this position allows deep penetration which enables depositing sperm deeper into vagina and closer to the cervix, which means Y chromosomes have shorter distance to travel.

Conceiving a baby girl following dr. Shettles method

If you have your mind set on a baby girl, dr. Shettles recommends couple should have sex 2-3 days before ovulation, and that they should restrain from having sex on the ovulation day. This principle is based on the fact that chromosomes X can survive in woman for up to 6 days and since X chromosomes are slower and but more resilient, they will survive I woman and also fertilize woman s egg. He also recommends if couple wants to conceive a baby girl they should apply the position that allows shallow penetration such as missionary position which enables to deposit sperm lower in woman where the environment is less alkaline. This way X chromosome will have to travel longer and further. Following dr. Shettles method woman should refrain from having orgasm because this increases alkalinity in vagina which decreases chances for X chromosome to survive such long period.

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