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Folktales surround pretty much all spheres of human life. These tales come from times when the science and medicine were not as highly developed as they are today, and people had to rely on other things to regulate their life, take care of themselves and their loved ones and solve various problems.

There are hundreds of folktales that focus on conceiving, pregnancy and childbirth. Many of these stories offer solutions for families who desperately want their future baby to be a boy or a girl. In the past, it was very important to have children of both sexes. For example, sons would inherit the house and the business and maintain the dynasty, while daughters got married and their marriage served various social purposes, or they would simply remain in the house taking care of it once the mother is gone.

Today, parents who specifically want a boy or a girl generally have other motives for wishing that. If they are really desperate for a girl, it probably would not hurt to try some of the methods these stories propose, especially considering that many of them are really fun and exciting.

Folktales for couples who want a girl

Many old wives’ tales for making a baby of a specific sex are based on types of foods that one or both parents should eat. For example, it is said that a woman will give birth to a baby girl if she eats a lot of fish and vegetables and if she gives in to chocolate cravings. Different cultures also propose various herbs that should be eaten at specific times.

On the other hand, a lot of these methods are based on the way a couple has sex. Partners who want a girl are advised to make love in the missionary position as much as possible, altering it with the position where the woman is on top. It is also said that if the woman reaches orgasm before the man does, it is a definitive sign that the baby will be a girl. The same effect will be achieved if it is the woman who initiates sex.

The timing of the lovemaking is also important. For example, a girl will be conceived if the sexual encounter takes place in the afternoon. Making love on even days of the month, skipping the odd ones, is another sure way for making a baby girl.

In some traditions, there is a special baby dance that a mother-to-be should do on the nights when the moon is full.

According to these stories, women who want a daughter should wear loose underwear and not tight panties and they should generally be as relaxed as possible.

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