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Many couples have a preference for a specific gender. If you are among them, and would like to conceive either a girl or a boy, there are some pro-active steps you can undertake to make your wishes come true. There are no natural gender selection methods that are a 100 percent effective, but if you follow these methods, you can certainly increase your odds of conceiving the gender of your choice. The following natural methods are very suitable for you if you have a slight gender preference. Whether it is your first baby and you are hoping for either a boy or a girl, or you already have children and you want to give them a sibling of a specific gender, the three gender selection techniques I will now discuss might just make it happen for you. If your gender preference is so strong that you strictly want a baby of one gender, then these methods, which are not fool-proof, are not the right ones for you.

There are no gender selection techniques that always make your dreams come true. The Shettles Method is without a doubt the most well-known, most universally recognized, and most popular natural gender selection method. Devised by Dr Shettles, this method advises parents to who would like to try for a girl to time intercourse around three days before ovulation, to give sperm that contribute to conceiving a girl a headstart. According to the Shettles method, sperm with Y chromosomes, that will make a boy, take less time to get to the fallopian tubes. Therefore, those hoping to conceive a boy should do the deed during their ovulation, and no earlier. Another doctor-invented gender selection technique is the one Dr Elizabeth Whelan came up with. Dr Whelan dismissed the Shettles method as incorrect, and claims that couples how have intercourse earlier during their cycle have higher chances of conceiving boys. By the same token, those timing sex closer to ovulation have better odds og getting pregnant with girls. The so-called "O+12" method was created not by a doctor, but by a mother who had all boys, and wanted a girl. The above methods failed to give her the girl she wanted so desperately wanted, so after observing what circumstances led her to conceive boys over and over again, she realized that having intercourse around 12 hours after ovulation.

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