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Perhaps you have 2 sons and would like to have a baby daughter, or maybe you know someone who wants a baby with determined gender. Personally I am not so picky, but my intention is not to judge anyone: people have their reasons for wanting a baby girl or baby boy and they have that right. This article is about to introduce you how to determine baby's sex with Shettles Method. There are several others methods that might help determine baby's sex, however most of them are considered old wives tales, and Shettles Method is considered the closest to scientifically proven, and has 75% success rate. But bring in a bit of healthy skepticism: when drawing a line, whatever you do (except artificial insemination) there is still scientifically proven 50% chance you will be able to determine baby's sex.

Who is Shettles?

You can call him Dr Shettles. He is often referred as the father of IVF and is considered one of the most influential fertility experts in the past 50 years. He is the author of a book 'How to Choose the Sex of your Baby', and this is actually the book that earned him such reputation.

What is the background of Shettles Method?

Shettles Method is based on a theory of X and Y chromosomes. X chromosomes represent a girl and Y represent a boy. His theory is said to have 75% success rate with couples who want to determine baby's sex, although as already said it should be taken with a bit of healthy skepticism. The basic principle behind his theory claims that Y chromosomes (for those who want to conceive a baby boy) are smaller and more fragile, but faster comparing to X chromosomes that are slower, but also larger and more resilient and are able to survive longer when they are once released. On the principle of ovation dr. Shettles described his method. According to his method you will need when the exact time of your ovulation is, because this is the exact time when you can determine baby's sex. You can monitor your ovulation either by ovulation calendar or by monitoring woman's fertility signals such as temperature, texture of cervical mucus and position of cervix.

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