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It is very important to be healthy and for a person to achieve that, physical shape has to be on a very high level.This is not easy but it is one of the conditions that need to be met for a personto be healthy. What is the true importance of physical fitness?


It can be said thatthe shape of the body is the first thing that is improved with regular andintensive exercising. Muscles are growing and becoming stronger, while fat tissueis reduced. Muscles can be lean or bulked up, depending on the type of the workout, and of course, toning is very important and it is a finishing touch needed onceall excessive fat is gone. But, it can be said that this is all just cosmeticsand the outer look. What does actually happen inside the body? Just as there isexcessive fat in the skin layers, there is also fat tissue in the organism. Mostdangerous type of fat is the tissue that surrounds the inner organs. This fattissue needs to be eliminated as soon as possible because it disrupts the properfunctioning of the organism. There are also high levels of cholesterol andtriglycerides, which may cause problems in the blood vessels. Eventually,excessive fat tissue can harm the heart and that might lead to serious medicalproblems.


Other benefits thatare created thanks to the increased physical activity include enhanced immunesystem, better functioning of certain organs and systems (for example properbreathing with increased volumes and faster digestive system), increased amountof energy (usually no excessive fat and stronger muscles enable easier executionof all activities), boosted libido etc. There is also one more importantpositive effect and it refers to the increased self-confidence. This just might be one of the mostimportant benefits – it seems that physical dominance does create certainpsychological advantage, although it is not important much nowadays. Also,stress is greatly reduced with exercising. When it comes to the mental state of the organism, the importance of physical fitness is obvious – a person who exhaustshimself or herself does not feel the pressure of daily accumulated stress,which is an effect that everyone could use.

It has to be said thatphysical activity should be combined with healthy eating, since that will prevent the effects of exercising to fade away (which happens with overeating and eating aa lot of junk food). No strict rules should be applied but only basic elements– do not eat more than needed and eat healthy - that is all.

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