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Weight reduction is something that must be done by those people who suffer from obesity problems. Obesity is the term used for being grossly over weight. There are numerous medical problems that might occur because of the obesity and those should be avoided (diabetes, heart issues, increased levels of cholesterol, triglycerides etc.). Of course, those conditions usually occur after decades of being obese, but the risk of having medical problems increases with each year.

Losing weight

There are two methods for dealing with excessive weight. One is with proper dieting and the second with the help of exercising. Exercising just might be the best possible way for dealing with obesity. This is because not only weight will be reduced, but the health will be enhanced and the overall physical condition of the body will be greatly improved. The problem is that some people are just not into exercising and others may not be healthy enough for physical activity. So what are fitness alternatives for those who do not exercises?


This is something that should definitely be applied if exercising is not an option. Dieting can be done in two ways, either crash diets or slower diets which are much healthier and safer but the weight reduction process takes more time. Crash diets should not last longer than about two weeks, because the intake of one or two nutrients is set at a very low level and it might lead to starvation after a while. But it has to be said that this is a very effective type of diet that eliminate a lot of fat tissue in a short time, though the health safety problem is always present. A balanced menu is much more appropriate and in time you will see positive results. Balanced diets generally reduce one nutrient just slightly (fats or carbs), so there is little risk of any medical problems.

Since exercising is not present for various reasons, something else might be done. For example, starting with a simple walk around the block then, increasing the distances and speed of your walk over time. Swimming can also be done, aand it doesn't have to be strenuous or exhausting. For a person who dislikes exercising, dancing lessons might help. In dancing class you can burn up as many calories as you would in any average physical activity and it can be fun . People usually attend these classes with their partners, which makes the activity even more interesting.

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