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Why is being fit and slim such an important thing today? Esthetics is understandable, health too, but we do live in the age where muscle strength and running speed does not mean much, unless it is not in competitive sports. The theory says that up to some point, we are still driven by some ancient instincts, with self-preservation being one of those, so to preserve ourselves, we all need a strong and fast body.

Attractive body

Being slim today means having an attractive body, especially, when it comes to women. Being attractive, when it comes to men, means having 6 packs in the abdominal area, while the rest of the body should be matching those abs. So, what are the methods to get an attractive body? The major one is simply called a healthy life. That healthy life must include physical activity and must not contain anything other than healthy food.

Physical activity

Basically, we are animals and we need muscles in order to do anything we have to and also, anything we want to do. Even though strong muscles require a lot of time and energy, many of us are willing to sacrifice those two for being able to show off with their biceps and lack of extra fat. There are several basic types of physical activities that can be used. Working in a gym is very popular today, especially for those who seek increased muscle mass. This is achieved with lifting weights, as heavier as possible. Other types include cardiovascular exercises, something that includes constant motions, running, fast pace walking, aerobic exercises etc. One type of physical activity that has become very popular today is body fitness, a cross between bodybuilding and fitness, which might be a good method for creating a really attractive body. Another activity should be mentioned – martial arts. Depending on the type of martial art, there are several ways in which the body can be built. For example, judo is great for bulking up torso and creating really strong hands, especially when it comes to grappling. Karate practitioners are a bit slimmer, with hard and long muscles.


Diet is necessary. It is as simple as that. This means that diet will prevent the intake of unnecessary calories that might create some extra fat. At one point, if there is no more extra fat, the diet should turn into healthy eating, but nothing more than that. Leave junk food aside. Vitamin cocktails and minerals might be needed to supplement meals.

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