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Just like any surgery, orthopedic surgery carries along a certain risk. Surgeons do their best to avoid any sort of complications, but in most cases, they appear out of blue. Orthopedic operations carry risks that are associated with infections, joint stiffness, blood clots, nerve, and blood vessels injuries, and failure of the surgery.


Failure of the surgery is a complication that can be hard on both, the patient and the doctor. It means that doctor failed to fix the problem and a patient is faced with more treatment.

Infection is another complication that has chances of appearing in one to two cases out of a hundred. In the case of a minor infection, antibiotics can easily solve the problem, but if an infection is deep, then longer treatment may be necessary, including operation. Infections that can be threatening to your life occur very rarely, but they may happen as well.

Stiffness or loss of the motion of the joint or nearby joints is a complication that used to happen more in the past than how. If a patient wants to avoid this, he/she must be very patient in regaining motion and doing physical activity again. Physical therapists can help you a lot, but you are the one that hold strings in your hand. Special exercises are supposed to be done several times a day in order to manage with your motion. If you have an injury after which you can’t experience the motion that you once had, still you have to do your best in order to extract the best possible results.

In most cases, blood clots appear after the surgery of a leg, and they can be very dangerous, because they can travel to lungs resulting in death. Symptoms such as swelling of the leg and pain in the calf appear in cases of blood clots and almost after every surgery of a leg, so it is very hard to tell if they are a consequence of an operation or of a blood clot. It is suggested that a blood clot is present if a leg becomes more swollen than usually and then an emergent visit to ER is necessary. Injury of blood vessels and nerves is inevitable in every orthopedic surgery. Most often there are injures in the area of the incision, but the real complication arises if an injury spreads along the limb. A big number of these injuries is treated very quickly, but one can’t predict how it will be, as we are all different and can experience none or some of the mentioned complications.

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