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Thistext deals with the complications in the case of a fructured pelvis. Pelvis isan imortant part of our body that constists of the scratum and inominate bones(each made of three seperate bones). The function of pelvis in our body is toprotect hollow organs such as bladder reproductive organs and blood vessels.Therefore an injury of pelvis can cause bleeding from the sacral venous plexusand the bundle of arteties that are in the pelvis.

Types of pelvic injury

Compression from front to back pelvis – type A injuryCompression from either side – type B injuryVertical shear injuries – type C injuries

One can suffer frompelvic injury due to a car accident, a crash or a fall from a great height, andthe result this is a massive internal bleeding. The bleeding occurs in thepelvis and it is called retroperitoneal hemorrhage. In that way, patients whosustained pelvis injury can lose 2-3 l of blood in a short period of time, anddue to the blood loss, a failure of vital organs in the body happens. Thefinal outcome may be death. In some cases when a fracture of the outerpelvis rim occurs there are no internal bleedings, and this type of an injuryis not life threatening and is treated easily.


Complicationsthat take place immediately after the injury are hemorrhage and shock fromthe sight of broken pelvis. The bones may also damage bladder and urethra,while other injuries such as lacerationor perforation of organs that are settled near pelvis, can appear as theresult of broken pelvis. If the injury has been exposed for too long, aninfection occurs as well as intestinal leakage. Sepsis is possible aswell, while thromboembolism may develop due to pelvic injury the meaning of the bloodclots is formed in pelvis travel through circulation.

Thereare also a number of complications that can appear after the process oftreatment. The result of pelvic injury may be sexual and bowel dysfunction, since menwho sustained this type of injury may have difficulty in achieving erection. Ifthe bones did not grow well, patients may have a problem with sitting,experience pain in the lower part of the back, gain some extra weight. Ifthere is a nerve damage, a sensation can decrease in that area. Women whohave had pelvic injuries may have problem with vaginal delivering. If theinjury is coneccted with hip, degenerative arthritis may develop as well.

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