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Menopause is a condition related to the female population, and its main characteristic is that menstruations stop. So, when women experience the first signs of menopause they should be aware of the certain changes that will occur in the body. There is a fact that the duration of life after menopause is about 30 years and while in menopause, there are some complications that may appear. In these years, women have more chances to develop bone conditions heart problems and even a stroke but there are also studies that say that during this period women can suffer from dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease. However the most common problem affecting women during menopause is a heart problem being at the same time the most frequent cause of death in women. During the young age women suffer rarely from this condition while in men it is a common problem. However, when menopause begins the statistics and chances are changed and the cause for this is decreased level of estrogen in women body.

The major threat in the menopause is osteoporosis, which affects bones by making them brittle and easy to crack. The bones are not that strong and compact as they were. 70 % of women who are 80 years old have this problem and this is the reason for numerous bone and hip fractures in this age. That is why women use estrogen to maintain the health of teeth and bones, and it seems to be very effective not only in maintaining bone strength, but also in keeping memory from deterioration. Estrogen is a hormone that helps numerous organs and systems in women’s body to function properly, and it is good for the skin helping it to look younger.

There is also problem with urination, especially with involuntary urination. Women experience frequent urge to urinate and they are more prone to the infections of urinary pathway; again the answer is estrogen, a hormone that gives our body the strength to struggle with bacteria. There are products on the market which contain estrogen such as vaginal rings or creams and they successfully defend our body from bacteria. We don’t really know if estrogen in pills are effective as these products. Another complication which is possible in menopause is the one that is related to sleeping disorders, because many women experience bad dreams or waking during the night or they even have difficulties to fall asleep.

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