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A hormone type which gives females all their distinctive characteristics is estrogen. This hormone is in charge of the menstrual cycles while at the same time making sure that women have extra tissues in the breast area and extra fat in the thigh area. Apart from these physical characteristics, estrogen has numerous other roles in the female body.

Nevertheless, men also have estrogen produced in their body, even though the levels of this hormone are much lower in their case.

Why is Estrogen Important?

All hormones in our body serve a single purpose and this is sending chemical messages which are transferred through the bloodstream to all the organs we have and the tissues our body is built from. Hormones work slowly and affect our body over a longer course of time.

Hormones are produced by our endocrine glands. Yet, in order for a person to be healthy, the levels of hormones in his/her body need to be perfectly balanced. Any forms of imbalance are bound to result in some of 6,000 different endocrine disorders.

As far as estrogen is concerned, it has numerous purposes in the female body and, without it, women and girls would not be able to stay healthy and normal. Basically, estrogen stimulates growth and development, affects one’s metabolism, takes care of the function of body tissues, has a major role in sexual development and conduct of women and is even involved in the food consumption and digestion processes, regulating cholesterol levels and bone growth.

During the female menstrual cycle, this hormone makes the lining of the uterus grow. Also, without estrogen, women would not be capable of ovulating. Moreover, once they become pregnant, estrogen gets in charge of the maturation process of the fetus, triggering the adequate growth and development of the placenta. Additionally, all the changes which affect the breasts during pregnancy are triggered by estrogen.

Right before the female menstrual period takes place, the estrogen levels in the body of the affected women drop. This results in headaches, hot flashes, breast tenderness, mood swings and all other signs of PMS.

Later on, when women reach their menopause, the gradual drop of estrogen in their body results in a bone density decrease since more bone gets spent and deteriorated that regenerated.

Estrogen Imbalance in the Body

Estrogen is produced by the ovaries and is a hormone necessary for proper functioning of all female human beings. Thus, once its levels are too high or too low, females need to undergo hormone replacement therapy, where the levels of estrogen and the levels of progesterone are balanced once again.

Excessive amounts of estrogen in a female body can lead to various negative effects like infertility, PMS, menstrual complications, weight gain in the abdominal area and an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

Speaking of cancer, estrogen has been related to the development of endometrial cancer, which usually manifests through abnormal vaginal bleeding. Fortunately, the hormone replacement therapy is known to help women deal with this issue through progestin.

Excessive levels of estrogen in the body may be related to other health problems too. Namely, this situation can manifest through an increased risk of cancer of the ovaries, stroke, dementia and some serious blood clots in the legs.

However, the hormone replacement therapy can be dangerous as well since excessive amounts of progestin, given with estrogen, can lead to heart disease, stroke or blood clots in the body, along with the development of dementia and breast cancer.

Therefore, during the hormone replacement therapy, it is crucial to undergo regular check-ups and get examined by your doctor who will make sure that you are healthy and free from all the above mentioned, estrogen-related health complications.

When estrogen is used 7 years after menopause, it has been known to be unrelated to breast cancer. Nevertheless, you should be careful, especially when it comes to using some additional products which might contain estrogen.

Estrogen, through the hormone therapy, can be administered orally, through the skin absorption processes, through the vagina and through injections. Many women use estrogen-based medications in order to stay safe from potential bone loss which occurs after menopause. Also, estrogen is commonly used for treating cancer, and many other health conditions found both in men and in women.

When taking estrogen medications, read the instructions carefully and follow your doctor’s instructions. The side effects of estrogen medications may range from dizziness to libido disappearance, or even bleeding, vaginal odor or some other, serious symptoms. Therefore, if you notice any problems of these types, contact your health provider immediately.

Estrogen imbalance can lead to various problems in the female body. Basically, in order for a woman to be healthy and lead a normal life, she needs to have her estrogen and progestin levels balanced ideally, since both of these hormones play a crucial role in many of the female bodily processes.Thus, if you are experiencing problems related to estrogen, seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

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