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Genital Warts Complications can possibly be a threat to your life if left untreated. They can vary from mild to extremely concerning. As an example if your warts grow and expand during your pregnancy this can be annoying however at the other end of the scale genital warts can cause human papillomavirus which can lead to cervical cancer and this can be fatal if not treated in time. Unfortunately warts are one of the top concerns for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention because they lead to cervical or uterine cancer. But this doesn’t mean by a long shot that women who have contracted genital warts will necessarily get cervical cancer. There are different types of genital warts, some are more closely related to cancer of the cervix, vulva, penis and anus than others however it is still a rare fact that cancer will develop from genital warts because of the HPV virus. The only really safe way to not allow this complication to affect you is to make sure you have regular visits to your doctor and gynecologist to have exams and tests preferably a Pap smear test as this is the most recommended way to check for the HPV virus because most women won’t even show any symptoms of having the warts.


When you have an abnormal Pap smear test it does not necessarily mean the women has cancer or warts or the HPV virus. Your GP may want you to take part in some other tests like a colonoscopy a biopsy to check for any other evidence or signs.


At present there is no test that has been designed to test the male gender for the HPV virus all the doctor can do is a thorough visual exam on the patient. The only thing the doctor may do is ask you to do an anal pap smear test if the man has a history of having anal sex.Complications during Pregnancy and Birth

If a woman has had the genital warts removed or treated then there probably won’t be any further problems in the pregnancy with the warts. However the loop whole is that the hormones created in pregnancy can activate the HPV virus again and the pregnant women may even see an increase in the growth of the new genital warts these new super warts can get so big that they may cause the pregnant women problems when she urinates. Gential warts can decrease the elasticity of the tissues in the vagina which will actually need to stretch in the childbirth process.

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