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Symptoms and Causes of Eczema

There are various types of dermatitis like eczema, allergic reaction, rashes, etc. Eczema occurs in cases when skin is in contact with some kind of irritating substances in the environment, called allergens. It can be in some of the cosmetic products, some ingredient in herbs like poison ivy, pollutants in air, swimming pools, and water, etc.

Some of the possible causes of eczema may by viral infections, while sometimes cause is unknown. Symptoms of eczema are itchy, cracked, dry and red skin. Most usual type of eczema is atopic eczema, and in mainly affects children before age of five. This type of dermatitis is a hereditary, meaning if the parents, both or just one of them has atopic eczema, chances are great that the child will inherit this condition. Eczema can also be worsened by some form of allergies.

Some of most dangerous allergens in the environment that can cause more severe types of eczema are pet fur, pollen and house dust mites. Also you can find those dangerous allergens in the food such as soya, wheat, eggs, nuts and cow’s milk.

There is an established connection between stress and symptoms of eczema, but how exactly stress affects eczema, is not quite clear. Also, hormonal changes in women can trigger the symptoms of eczema, especially during menstrual periods and pregnancies.

Treatments for Eczema

The medical experts have found that for treating eczema natural treatments are the best. Natural treatments work better and have less or none of the side effects of traditional medications. Also, most traditional medications for eczema contain toxins that tend to build up in the body and cannot be used in longer terms. Most eczema medical treatments offer some short term relief, but in the longer run natural treatments are far better.

There are two steps to relieving and preventing eczema; one step in eczema treatment is to hydrate the skin and try to reduce inflammation. The other step is to build up your immune system so that you are less likely to suffer from eczema in the future. By following this simple two step process, you will improve your immune system and your overall health.

Boosting your immune system will help you to recover faster from illness, to have more energy, to prevent premature degeneration of body cells and your immune system will fight off any future illnesses.

The best way to build up your immune system is to use natural products that contain the natural ingredients like Agothosma betulina, Crataegus oxycanthoides, Hypoxis Rooperi, Olea europea which is extract of olive leaf, Vitamin E Oil, Curcuma, Hydrocotyle, Graphites, or Vinca Minor.

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