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Allergies are abnormal reactionto certain substances in our environment, called allergens. Our body protectivesystem mistakes them for bacteria, tries to attack them, producing symptomscalled allergic reaction. Sneezing and fevers can all be happening duringasthma attack. Depending of time of the year, symptoms may be stronger oreasier.

Dust mite allergies can be causedby tiny particles of dust in you house. The proteins in the dust mites attackyour respiratory passages, producing the symptoms of asthma, difficulty tobreath, watering eyes, and high fever. Also inflammation of your airways inyour lungs may occur as a result of white blood cells in your body attackinginfection in your lungs. As a result of inflammation, your airways are gettingnarrower, producing asthma attacks.

There are some known risk factorsand symptoms for asthma cases, like diet, environment and geneticpredisposition, and they can be:

Weather conditions

Can affect and provoke yourasthma attack. Cold or damp weather are one of these conditions.


They reside in our environment,ether at home or outside. Outside allergens, beside pollutants are weatherrelated, in some times of the year pollen and other allergens may cause asthmaattack. In cases of our home, we must try to find to sort of allergens thatprovokes the attacks, and try to replace or remove them. Animal fur orcigarette’s smoke is the prime suspects.


In cases of family history ofasthma, eczema or hay fever, you chances for asthma attacks are bigger. Also ifyou had a bronchiolitis (common lung infection in children), as a child, if youdevelop another atopic condition, been born prematurely or with low birthweight, if your mother smoked in pregnancy, or after you were born; these areall factors that can contribute to you having an asthma attacks latter in life.

Respiratory infections

Chest and airways infections arealso some of external factors that can trigger the asthma attacks. Theserespiratory infections may be caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites.

Emotional factors

Stress or excessive laughing maysometimes cause the asthma attacks.

Foods with sulphites

Types of drinks or food that containspreservation ingredient called sulphite may be one of the causes of asthmaattacks. Some of these food and drinks are wine, beer, shrimp and many precooked meals.


Pain killer drugs known as antiinflammatory non steroid class of drugs or NSAIDs, of which Aspirin oribuprofen are most well known, can be the cause of asthma attacks. Also highblood pressure medicaments called beta blockers can also trigger asthmaattacks.

Complications of asthma can bemany, like problems with work performance, a diminished quality of life,fatigue, stress or depression, and several respiratory complications, such ascollapse of part of the lung, pneumonia or infection of the lungs orrespiratory failure.

If you need advice or supportabout your problems with asthma attacks, there are numerous charity and supportorganization for you to choose from.

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