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Breast reduction surgery is performed in order to relieve the discomfort and the burden which large breasts impose on a woman. However, breast reduction surgery is far from a minor procedure and therefore carries many risks whether those are general risks which are applied to any major surgery or simply the possibility of being unsatisfied with the results.

General complications which may arise from breast reduction surgery are regarding anesthesia and too much bleeding. Other than that there is a possibility of infection, which is not very frequent but it could happen. The symptoms of the infection are extremely high fever, unbearable pain, unpleasant smell and secretion, as well as inflammation. Embolisms are also a potential side effect. They represent an obstruction to the blood vessels in the form of foreign objects which block them by managing to get into the blood stream. The most common kind of embolism is pulmonary thromboembolism, which is a clot that blocks the artery connected to the lungs causing difficulty while breathing which can eventually lead to cardiac arrest and comma.

A problem which may occur during breast reduction surgery involves the requirement of detaching and reattaching the nipples. Sometimes, this particular procedure may result in the loss of sensitivity in the nipples. This may be temporary, but there is no guarantee. Some other times the sensation in the nipples is lost for good, and it may even include some skin around them.

Another issue concerning this procedure involves the scars which remain after it. In an ideal case if one follows the doctor’s orders and advice carefully, the scars will almost certainly subside over time and be barely visible. However some people are more likely to scar than others, and the same rules will not apply to everyone even if one does follow every single of the doctor’s orders. Eventually they could be left with some pretty unpleasant scars. This is particularly probable for smokers.

A risk regarding the visual effect of the surgery is that the breasts might not be symmetrical afterward. No doctor can guarantee perfect symmetry of the breasts, especially since even natural breasts are often asymmetrical. Anyhow this issue is usually minor and barely noticeable and it might even be due to increased swelling of one breast when compared to the other. Should the asymmetry be too obvious a second surgery can be done in order to fix the problem.

All in all, there are many consequences to breast reduction surgery, so one should make sure to be as informed about all of them as possible before deciding to undergo the procedure. There is always a risk that the outcome will be something different from what one expected in the first place and that is why it is recommended to go into great detail about the expectations of it.

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