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A plastic surgery that enhances size of the nipples and visually improves a physical look is called nipple augmentation. It is a surgery that is done after the reconstructive surgery, breast augmentation or a breast lift surgery. A surgeon, before the operation, need to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon if nipple surgery is possible.

Some surgeons may do repair for herniation of the nipple as the following procedure, and some other surgeons may not. There recommendations for procedures not so aggressive as well. If there is procedure called micro pigmentation to correct uneven breasts or give some colour to a nipple, then every procedure requires medical check of patient and consultation with other surgeons. Patients get instructions that need to stick to just before the surgery. Instructions about (no) eating and drinking after midnight, intake of antibiotic, other drugs intake and others...


The surgery is done in hospital or simple surgeon's office. The surgery last for an hour under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia. The incision is done in the nipple or in the areola and final stage of procedure includes removing of extra skin. Or surgeon can reposition nipple area in order to lift nipples. After the surgery, bandage is necessary to decrease swelling and ease discomfort. Swelling or bruise appearance is possible but it last only couple of days. Oral painkillers are recommended for after surgery.

The pain may occur, but the discomfort usually decreases after a few days. Hypersensitivity is normal after the operation but it will pass quickly. No hard work is recommended for couple of weeks. There is a risk of complications after the surgery but for that surgeon give a list of instructions to follow. Results of some procedures might not appear right away.

Reason For Surgery

There are following characteristics of nipple look that might require a surgery:

Inverted nipples are those with not enough tissue in the areola. Enlarged nipples are extra tissue in the areola that can fall over the skin or nipple, so the size of breast is too long or too big. Asymmetric nipples can become after a breast surgery or in the old age, the shape of the breast alters and relocates nipples and it may appear in asymmetric size.


Any medical procedure includes some amount of risks. The technique of surgery can affect on level of risk. Complications after surgery are rare and the typical complication is possible infection that may need antibiotic. Any extra bruising or bleeding might be from a blood clot, and need consultations with doctor. Such complication might prolonged recovery time. The most dangerous complication is nerve damage. This complication is temporary and needs 6 months time to heal. There is a possibility of having scars that can be reduced with prescribed drugs.


Nipple surgery costs $1,600 - $2,500 and monthly payments are usually allowed.

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